Yoga nidra is translated as yogic sleep. It is a form of guided meditation that uses specific relaxation techniques to relax your conscious mind and allow your subconscious mind to be more active. For those of you who practice yoga, I like to compare it to the feeling in savasana when your mind is blank, you are completely relaxed, but still aware of your surroundings. It is said that just 20-30 minutes of yoga nidra can allow you to feel as if you had a 4 hour nap. I have experienced these benefits in my own body and this is why I am continually encouraged to share the practice with my students. Many people feel intense relaxation when practicing yoga nidra which can be accompanied by intense emotion. Please know that it is normal to feel sensitive to stimulus such as light and noise after practicing nidra. Once the initial sensitivity passes you should feel revitalized! In the recordings, I am purposefully speaking more monotone and calm to make the experience more meditative. In order to make the most of your yoga nidra experience, please follow the guidelines below.

  • Before practicing yoga nidra, I encourage you to move through a gentle yoga practice or some basics stretches.
  • Ensure that the space you are practicing in is quiet and free of clutter.
  • Dress warm, including socks! As your body relaxes you will cool down greatly.
  • Lay on something that is comfortable, like your yoga mat, cozy carpet or even your bed.
  • Ensure to have a thin cushion, pillow or blanket under your head.
  • Move any clutter away from you so that there is nothing surrounding your body.
  • Take a few deep cleansing breaths, say a prayer or set an intention and then simply press play!

Relax – Yoga Nidra

This yoga nidra is 21 minutes long and includes basic relaxation, breath awareness, contrast of opposites and a brief visualization. The background music is a wonderful piece by an artist named Anugama. This specific track is called Healing Earth. You are welcome to stream this nidra for any purpose, including in your classes if you are a teacher. Please simply refer those interested to my website.