My goal with all of my offerings is to create a purposeful teaching and learning experience. This program is designed for yoga teachers looking to harness, improve and apply their skills in a way that allows their students to safely move without thinking. My Mentoring Program is made up of 5 sessions which can be completed individually or as a whole depending on the needs of the teacher. Each session is 90 minutes long. Mentoring is conducted in my home studio space and customized for each individual. 


Individual Session(s): $100 each
Full Mentoring Package: $450 (Includes all 5 sessions and 3 months email support. Must be completed within 6 weeks.)

  • Session 1: Analysis

    • Gain an understanding of areas for growth
    • Anatomy review
  • Session 2: Language and Voice

    • Language and Cueing
    • Voice activation
  • Session 3: Sequencing

    • Sequencing for full spectrum classes, peak pose classes, and complex transitions
  • Session 4: Alignment & Adjustments

    • Observational skills
    • Alignment and adjustments
  • Session 5: Workshop Design, Class Themes, Pricing and More

    • Designing workshops
    • Advanced theming and postures
    • Advertising and Self Promotion
    • Building community